Lesson 3: Baby on the Phone

Jenny Jones was at home looking after her ten-month old baby, Anna. It was nearly lunch time and Jenny was preparing some food while Anna was asleep on the carpet.

Jenny was chopping a carrot when her mobile phone rang. She put down the knife and picked up her telephone. Her friend Elizabeth was calling her.

“Hello Elizabeth,” she said.

“Hello Jenny,” said Elizabeth. “I am having a birthday party at the weekend. Will you be able to come?”

“Yes, I think so. If my husband is busy that evening I will try to get a baby-sitter for Anna.” Jenny replied. “I’ll call you back this evening.”

Jenny put down the phone and continued to prepare lunch. While she was preparing lunch Anna woke up and began to play with her telephone. When Jenny saw what the baby was doing she took her telephone from her and said “Don’t play with my phone, Anna.”

Just then the telephone rang. It was Elizabeth again. “Did you just call me?” Elizabeth asked. “You left a message but I can’t understand what you are saying.”

Jenny laughed and said, “Oh, it wasn’t me who phoned you, it was the baby. I have just taken my mobile phone from her. She must have telephoned you while I was preparing lunch. I do apologize.”