Here are some of my most recent photos, taken over the last twelve months. I have also posted some older photos on separate pages within this section of the website…

Disclaimer! I am neither a professional photographer, nor a semi-professional photographer, nor even a dedicated amateur. All I do is point my aging Nikon D40 – or nowadays my android smart phone – in the general direction of what I want to snap and press the button! If I am using my old Nikon D40, I make do with the bog-standard lens that came with the camera, an AF-S DX Nikkor, 18-55mm. I could really do with a telephoto lens but have yet to get around to getting one…

If you want to see some better quality photos of Japan and other places, check out the photo website of my semi-professional compatriot, Andy Lightfoot (obviously!)…

My Recent Photos

August 6th 2014: Floating lantern ceremony for the repose of the souls of the victims of the A-bomb. April 2014:

floating lantern ceremony hiroshima

Lanterns float on the Moyoyasu River, Hiroshima.

Double blooming cherry blossom at the Mint, 20 minutes’ walk from Rakurakuen!

Double-blossom cherry trees in bloom at Hiroshima mint.

One of my local haunts in Rakurakuen is a takoyaki bar called Takomon…

takomon rakurakuen
Takomon, a takoyaki bar tucked behind Rakurakuen tramstop, half way between Hiroshima and Miyajima.

The staff of Bacca Italian restaurant run a stall at a street festival during the Hiroshima men’s relay marathon, in Rakurakuen, January 2013:

rakurakuen street festival
The staff of Bacca selling soup at the Rakurakuen street festival, January 2013.