2013 Photos

A pint of Otter at the Anchor in Cockwood…

The Otter Cockwood Devon
A pint of Otter at the Anchor in Cockwood, Devon.

Looking back at Teignmouth:

Teignmouth Devon
Looking back at Teignmouth from the east.

Between Teignmouth and Dawlish, looking east towards Dawlish

Teignmouth Dawlish
Walking from Teignmouth to Dawlish.

Teignmouth, from Shaldon:

Teignmouth from Shaldon
Looking east from the heights of Shaldon over Teignmouth, Devon.

The nave of Exeter Cathedral has the longest uninterrupted medieval vaulted ceiling in the world:

Exeter Cathedral nave
The nave of Exeter Cathedral.

The Inner Harbour, Torquay:

Inner Harbour Torquay
The Inner Harbour, Torquay.

Nikko Hotel, Kansai Airport, Japan:

Nikko Hotel Kansai
On the walkway to the Nikko Hotel, Kansai Airport, Osaka.

New Year’s Day: Peace Pagoda, Futabayama:

Peace Pagoda Futabayama Hiroshima
The Peace Pagoda, Futabayama, Hiroshima, New Year’s Day 2013.

Toshogu Shrine, Hiroshima:

Toshogu Shrine, Hiroshima
Toshogu Shrine, Hiroshima.

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