Books To Read

Here’s a list of books that have caught my attention. Too many for one lifetime, but here goes…

  • Rose Tremain, The Wisest Fool, Music and Silence
  • Jaroslav Hašek, The Good Soldier Švejk
  • Ivan Klima, My Golden Trades
  • Bohumil Hrabal, Too Loud a Solitude
  • Jan Skacel (poet)
  • Kenzaburo Oe, Yaruiyaka na Kizuna
  • Geoffrey Elton, Reformation Europe
  • Dairmaid MacCulloch, Thomas Cramner
  • Clayton Christendon, The Innovator’s Dilemma
  • William James, The Gospel of Relaxation
  • S. Y. Agnon, Rise and Fall
  • J. D. Spence, The Memory Palace of J. D. Ricci
  • J. Huizinga, Homo Ludens
  • Jane Carson, Colonial Virginians at Play
  • Jan Neruda, Tales of the Little Quarter
  • Miyabe Miyuki, All She Was Worth
  • Anita Brookner, Romanticism and Its Discontents

Investment Books