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Online Business Sites:

#1 – My primary online business blog.

  • New Developments In Elite Downline Builder, part 1…
    It’s been a while since I updated this blog as I’ve been busy with my offline business, i.e. English Language Teaching in Japan. But now the summer holidays are here I’m switching my attention back to updating and upgrading my online business, especially my membership site, Elite Downline Builder. What’s… Read more »

#2 – build 5 streams of online income with a single affiliate link.

#3 – A case study in how to achieve $1,000 a month in online profits.

  • How To Create An E-book For Free And Get More Online Sales
    Today I’ll show you how to create an e-book for free and use it to get more online sales. Creating your own unique e-book is one of the best things you can do to improve your online business. But what kind of e-book should you create for best results? Here’s… Read more »

#4 – Grow Your Bitcoin Stash With Zero Investment

Best Way To Get Free Bitcoin

Game Sites:

#1 – One point tips to help you improve your game.

  • The Marshall Defence Fails To Deliver…
    If there’s ONE Easy Chess Tip I’d like to impress upon you it is this: When you are playing as Black against a d4 opening, do NOT go for the Marshall Defence! Just a quick recap… The Marshall Defence occurs when Black moves his Knight to f6 on the second… Read more »

#2 – A mythopoeic minifig questing game.

  • Lengendorama 6: Dealing With Five Brigands
    Just as Sir Richard was about to put on his armour, assisted by Squire Patrick, Christopher, Peter and Perkyn the page, his two hounds, Merriman and Belman, began barking and ran out onto the heath, alerting the company to the arrival of trouble, as was prefigured by the 5 of… Read more »

#3 – Riichi mahjong and its variants.

Mahjong In Japan

Other Projects:

#1 – Igne Natura Renovatur Integra

  • Tuesday 20th August 2019: 2 of Swords
    With the Moon in Pisces now is a good time to tap into our more receptive nature and that is what is suggested by the Two of Swords which – like the more dynamic Six of Rods – has appeared for the second week in a row. This call to… Read more »