100 Yen Beers At Yataizushi Rakurakuen

January 17, 2019 David Hurley 0

The Rakurakuen grapevine was buzzing the other day with news that Yataizushi, the sushi-izakaya opposite Rakurakuen tram-stop, 寿司居酒屋 や台ずし 楽々園駅前町, was offering 100 yen beers all evening from Tuesday to Thursday of this week. I mentioned this to my loquacious quaffing partner, Brendan McG. and we agreed on popping into the [Read more…]

Robert Greene on the Relentless Rebel

January 16, 2019 David Hurley 0

I spent this afternoon listening to the Audible version of Robert Greene’s The Laws of Human Nature (narrated by Paul Michael), which I also blogged about – here – a few days ago. I especially enjoyed the section in the fourth chapter devoted to toxic personality types. Robert Greene, Theophrastus [Read more…]

Surprise Birthday Treats In The Letter Box

January 15, 2019 David Hurley 0

I returned home from a class today to find two parcels in the letter box. Two books that I’d more or less forgotten that I’d ordered. Their arrival was timely as today is my birthday. One is The City and Man by Leo Strauss. The other is Machiavelli’s God by [Read more…]

Japanese Epiphany: Maji?

January 11, 2019 David Hurley 0

We are currently in the first week of Epiphany, the manifestation of Christ to the gentiles, more commonly known as the time when the Magi, or Three Wise Men (or Three Kings) follow a star from the Orient to Bethlehem where they find the Christ child. Here in Japan very [Read more…]