Lesson 2: Mr Kay Is Late!

After he retired from his job as a civil servant Mr. Kay began to attend a French language class on Tuesday afternoons.

Every Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Kay goes to a language school in his city to study French. His lesson begins at 2pm and lasts one hour. Mr. Kay keeps regular hours and is never late for this class.

Mr. Kay leaves home at midday and walks along the river to his favourite restaurant, where he has lunch.

Last Tuesday Mr. Kay left home at midday and walked along the river as usual. When he arrived at the restaurant he sat at his favourite table by the window and ordered lunch.

“Good afternoon Mr. Kay,” the waiter said. “How are you today?”

“Fine thank you,” Mr. Kay replied. “What do you recommend today?”

“The roast beef is very good today,” answered the waiter.

Mr. Kay looked at the menu. “I’ll have fried fish, please,” he said.

“Would you like it with chips or boiled potatoes?” the waiter asked.

“Potatoes, please,” said Mr. Kay.

The waiter brought Mr. Kay his lunch. When he had eaten it Mr. Kay ordered ice-cream and a cup of coffee.

After he had drunk his coffee he looked at his watch. According to his watch it was twenty past one. It was still too early to go to school so Mr. Kay ordered another cup of coffee.

Mr. Kay drank his coffee slowly while watching people pass by in the street.

After he had finished his coffee Mr. Kay looked at his watch again. The minute hand had not moved. According to his watch, it was still twenty past one.

Suddenly, Mr. Kay realized that his watch had stopped. He called the waiter.

“Waiter, what’s the time?”

“It is ten past two.”

“Oh dear, my watch has stopped. Now I’m late for my lesson. Can I have the bill, please?”