‘Tis the Season for Halloween Spot It!

October 25, 2018 David Hurley 0

For the last few years, every time October comes around I start playing Halloween Spot It! with some of my English students. Then, as soon as it’s All Saints Day, I put away Halloween Spot It! for another year. Those students who have been with me long enough always laugh [Read more…]

Legendorama 5: Monday Afternoon Preparations

September 14, 2018 David Hurley 0

Christopher the cook killed one of the hens, and sweated over the cooking pot. The party enjoyed a meal of stewed chicken, cooked in a vegetable broth that consisted of herbs plucked by the river, some pickled veg from one of the pickle jars, and a portion of hard tack. [Read more…]

Legendorama 4: Of Hempen Nets and Fisheries

September 6, 2018 David Hurley 0

As Sir Richard and his party travel through a strange land and sit down by the river for their repast, their location is plotted on a shogi board. The landscape they have discovered is also laid out. The coloured 1×1 Lego bricks represent the people in the party. Red = [Read more…]

Legendorama 2: Ready To Venture Forth

September 3, 2018 David Hurley 0

It’s been a while since I bought any Lego gear, but on Saturday I found a box in the Lego City series that would supply Sir Richard’s men with two shovels and Sir Richard with two bars of gold. It would also give me four more minifigs to press into [Read more…]