How To Play The Eager Zebra Free Hidden Word Games

free Hidden word game

In this demo video I play a couple of free Hidden word games.

Hidden is one of the Eager Zebra set of free online games.

It’s free to play but you can also buy “T-Credits,” which you can use to purchase extra Hidden clues.

It is also possible to win clues on Astro Auctions which are automatically applied to your Hidden account.

Watch the video to see how I get on with this game:

In the demo video you can see that I am struggling at times to find the word. Maybe I just wasn’t on form LOL!

How To Play Hidden

You start with 30 clues and you must guess a “hidden” word. You will be shown a series of words that are associated in some way with the hidden word.

NOTE: The words you see are NOT like crossword clues. They are words that could crop up in association with the hidden word. The game is quite “foxy” – the words can sometimes throw you off track.

One trick is to show you a singular noun when the answer is actually singular, as happened to me in the video when I was presented with singular nouns such as “necrology” and “death” and the hidden word was actually “obituaries.” Fair enough I suppose, as a “necrology,” I discovered by playing the game, is a list of obituaries.

The “cunning” nature of this game gives it its “fox” theme. As you discover words you will win more foxes – brown, red, silver and rare albino fox.

The Aim of the Game

The aim of the game is actually to score as many points as you can and ultimately to win some prizes, badges, t-shirts and recognition as a champion out-foxer.

You can also win Rewardical tokens which can be redeemed for cash, bitcoin, silver bars, gift certificates.

So it’s a fun game to play with some nice rewards if you rack up enough points.

All the best,

David Hurley

P. S. If you enjoyed my Hidden video you might also like to check out the demo video I posted on YouTube of Eager Zebra’s Brain Sprint game.

In that game you have to complete a set of general knowledge questions as fast as you can.