Mahjong & Other Political Games

Two weeks ago Kenyon returned to the table from his summer holidays. Tim was present for a beer and the talk inevitably turned towards Barack Obama’s acceptance speech.

I shall spare the blogosphere yet another ramble on the intertwined subjects of BO’s prospects, policies, race and religion. 
Far more important than those political games is the effect that BO – or more to the point, Tim’s talking to Kenyon about BO – had on Kenyon’s ability to concentrate on mahjong.
I don’t know if BO plays mahjong, but I sure hope he can concentrate if ever he happens to be fondling the Nuclear-War-A-Go-Go button while Joe Biden is engaging him in some pleasant chat about the mad mullahs of Persia or the oil moguls of Moscow.
That was when it looked as if BO and JB might actually make it to the Whitehouse…
A week later and it was Jaime who was the returning holiday maker, playing along side Ray and David, with Tim once again in attendance.
This week it was JMcC (the Scottish JC??) who had taken the American presidential election campaign by the coglioni  by finding himself attached to a naughty-but-nice leggy VPC&MJMcC(&O)WL2F* hailing from a melting igloo somewhere near the North Pole.
Nice legs. Ideal for a running mate.
That – or perhaps I should say “those” since SP has two legs – and Russia’s “First Western-Style War” against Poor Little Sucker-Willy of Georgia – gave us plenty to distract ourselves over…
…but remarkably, apart from a few comedy spillages of mahjong tiles all over SP’s legs, a grip on the game was retained.
Whereas the former top foreign player in the ratings, Kenyon, came back from his holidays and came a cropper, the former bottom player came back from his holidays and staged a recovery mostly at Ray’s expense, and only capped at the end of the evening by the long awaited Ray Revival…
But Ray’s revival was not enough to stop him from replacing Jaime on the bottom of the pile.
Six games were played at Jantopia, despite the malfunctioning table.
David received one more beer than he called for as mother seems to be a bit deaf and can’t tell the difference between a late night cry of “Omizu kudasaiiii” and “Obeeeruuu kudasaiii”.
The score sheet got lost but the final scores are etched in Jaime’s memory, which has a remarkable capacity for storing all sorts of trivia…
Six games were played, and the results were:
Jaime +67
David -6
Ray -61**
* Vice Presidential Candidate & Mother John McCain (& Others) Would &c…
** Yakitori x 1
David H