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This is my site of sites

August 30, 2010 David Hurley 0

The aim of this website is to serve as a hub for all my websites and to talk about my online and offline activites. It’s a personal resource site, a diary and photo album and a record of what I’m up to online and offline.

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Friday 21st May: David Recovers Form

June 1, 2010 David Hurley 0

Bit of a late report this one. Noda, David and Nobu played three games of mahjong during an early sesson on Friday 21st May, from 7pm to 10pm. In the first game Nobu appeared to be about to claim the 8-Bamboo from David (Oya, Tenpai) but David pointed at the [Read more…]

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Friday 30th April: Chombo Wakes Up Noda…

May 10, 2010 David Hurley 0

Ray and Jaime were taking on Noda tonight. It seems that all was going along fairly quietly until Noda discovered that he had accumulated too many tiles on his first Oya-ship of the third game and had therefore committed a Chombo. That had the effect of waking him up. He [Read more…]

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The Wolf And The Lamb Shall Graze Together…

April 16, 2010 David Hurley 0

On Friday 2nd April we were able to have two mahjong tables in action at Kodama mahjong parlour with seven people playing. Noda, David and Jaime were joined by Kenyon, who made his 2010 debut. Tonight was also Ladies Night, with Hatsue-san and Aimi-san in attendance. The seventh player was Nobu who [Read more…]