Friday 30th April: Chombo Wakes Up Noda…

Ray and Jaime were taking on Noda tonight. It seems that all was going along fairly quietly until Noda discovered that he had accumulated too many tiles on his first Oya-ship of the third game and had therefore committed a Chombo.

That had the effect of waking him up. He went on to win that game, with Ray replying in the fourth leaving everything to play for in the fifth and final game.

However, Noda dominated the game to finish on +72, and +107 for the evening with the Anglo-Irish sharing the losses more or less evenly between them.

Noda +26, 0, +24,* -15, +72 = +107

Jaime -15, +17, -6, -26, -22 = -52
Ray -11, -17, -18, +41, -50 = -55

* Chombo