Noda’s Zombie Mahjong – Hit By Yakitori & Chinrootoo But Still UnDead!

Last Friday evening Noda played mahjong like a zombie. He failed to win a single hand in the first game and was stuck with his Yakitori on the table. In negative figures in the second game, and caught out by David’s Chinrootoo Ron in the third, Noda just kept coming back. Jaime was devoured in the fourth game and Zombie Noda ended up on top of the pile.

 Noda had begun to show signs of revival in the third game. Then David opened his hand to claim three sets of Terminals and was left with a pair of 9-Bamboo and a pair of White Dragons. He drew a fourth 1-Characters and made Kan.

Then Noda declared Riichi. David picked up and discarded a series of friendly safe tiles, and then picked up the 1-Coins and discarded one of the White Dragons. That proved to be safe as well. Next he drew a South and discarded the other White Dragon. Next he drew a second 1-Coin and threw the South even though it was Table Wind and none had been discarded before…

Silence from Noda…!

Then Noda drew and discarded the 1-Coins!

Ron!! As David was the Oya with 1 x 100 Tenbou on the table Noda had to cough up 49,000.

 Noda gives David Chinrootoo & 49,000 points
In the hand that followed, David was somewhat deflated by one of his more foolish Chombo attacks. Noda declared Riichi again and threw a 2-Bamboo which David claimed only for Noda to instantly declare “Chombo!” – for there was a 2-Bamboo sat snugly in second place in David’s discard row!

From that moment on the zombie could not be killed and the Chombo payout ultimately worked to consign David to second place…

Noda -23,* -8, -5, +72 = +36
David +20, -14, +26,** -13 = +19
Jaime +3, +22, -21, -59 = -55

* Yakitori
** Chombo

David Hurley