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Please Would Somebody Shoot Noda!

September 16, 2008 David Hurley 1

All is doom and gloom among the foreign contingent of the Cock’s-Eye 3-Player Mahjong Club this year. Last Friday was another episode of Noda beating up the foreigners, especially in the second game when the Poor Little Cypriot, who was quite happy finishing the first on zero, suddenly found himself [Read more…]

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Mahjong & Other Political Games

September 12, 2008 David Hurley 0

Two weeks ago Kenyon returned to the table from his summer holidays. Tim was present for a beer and the talk inevitably turned towards Barack Obama’s acceptance speech. I shall spare the blogosphere yet another ramble on the intertwined subjects of BO’s prospects, policies, race and religion.  Far more important [Read more…]