Friday 30th November: Kodama Redecorated

It was quite a shock to walk into Kodama tonight. A new light grey carpet covered the floor and the walls gleamed as if they had been washed in the autumn rain, whitened by the summer sun and we wondered,

…what whiteness will ever arrive at this whiteness?

Noda, David and Jaime played just three games tonight and were done before midnight. The first game lasted an hour and a half as each player managed to hold on to the Oya for several rounds. The first of several Ryanshii Oyaships was while Jaime was Oya and saw David run through his score tallies, only to replenish his tray on his Oyaship.

David committed yet another careless Chombo while Oya. This time it was a case of not declaring Riichi and attempting to go out, last tile, on Jaime’s 9-Coins discard, forgetting that the only potential Yaku in his hand might have been Tanyao and that he had no right to go out without first declaring Riichi under those circumstances…

So David ended on zero, with Jaime taking 25,000 off Noda.

The next game took almost as long, but this time it was Noda’s and he took 41,000 off Jaime and a couple of thousand off David.

The third game was a quicker affair, and this one was won by Jaime but this time at David’s expense and so the result ended with one loser, David on -34 with Jaime top on +19, and Noda going further into record-breaking territory for this year, being now on a new yearly total of +659.

Jaime +25, -41, +35 = +19
Noda -25, +43, -3 = +15
David 0, -2, -32 = -34

We were so early out of the Jansou that Noda was able to drop David off at the station in plenty of time for the last train home.

David Hurley