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The Brilliance Of Catullus 85 Explained

February 17, 2012 David Hurley 2

The most famous poem of Catullus is one of his shortest, Odi et amo, quare id faciam, fortasse requiris. nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior. Here is Ezra Pound‘s translation: I hate and love. Why? You may ask but It beats me. I feel it done to me, and ache. [Read more…]

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Propertius Unbound: Pounding The Butler

February 13, 2012 David Hurley 0

What happens when Butler’s 1912 Loeb translation of the second elegy of the third book of Propertius, the one that Pound managed to mangle with a Marcian vintage, is declaimed in an approximation of the Poundian delivery? Meanwhile let us return to our wonted round of song; let the heart [Read more…]

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Friday 30th November: Kodama Redecorated

December 3, 2007 David Hurley 0

It was quite a shock to walk into Kodama tonight. A new light grey carpet covered the floor and the walls gleamed as if they had been washed in the autumn rain, whitened by the summer sun and we wondered, …what whiteness will ever arrive at this whiteness? Noda, David [Read more…]