Friday 22nd September: Kenyon Surges & David Fades

Noda-san was away on business in China getting his bag stolen at a trade show.

In the early part of the evening we were joined by Tim and Don and thoroughly distracted by the football talk and the fall out at Chelsea, Don’s team. Don professes not to be interested in football at the moment! At the mahjong table, David racked up both a Chombo and a Yakitori in a single game (the second) and finished on -71. Jaime managed to stay in the black, but the big winner of that game was Kenyon, the player who gets least distracted by the ambient chatter!

The third game added a few more points to Kenyon’s score, but then there was a different winner in the fourth (David), fifth (Jaime) and sixth (Kenyon), with David sinking again and both the other players still in the black. After Jaime’s victory he had taken the lead and whittled Kenyon’s score down to just +8. But then we played two more games and witnessed Kenyon’s late evening rally in action. He also won the last game and ended up the only winner of the evening on a healthy +116, which places him close to Noda in the low double-negatives on the table and one strike away from the black.

Kenyon -19, +66, +34, -46, -24, +42 +66 = +116
Jaime +21, +5, -24, -14, +66, -25, -61 = -32
David -2, -71,* -10, +60, -39, -17, -5 = -84

* Chombo AND Yakitori

David Hurley