Tuesday 7th September

A typhoon is making its way past Honshu via the Japan sea. For the first time in about two months we were able to sleep without having the air-conditioner switched on. I left the windows open and a cool breeze swept through the billowing curtains throughout the night.

This morning, I packed several Japanese-Games-Shop.com orders, including two mahjong game sets (which include a mahjong set and mahjong playing mat in one box) and rushed to the p.o. hoping to avoid the rain as the mahjong game sets are too big to fit in my bag. I go to the p.o. on foot, and carrying mahjong game sets is my equivalent of weight lifting – who needs a gym when you have several kilograms of gear to haul? I did experiment with having the p.o. come to me once, but the operation took the men so long to complete that it is quicker for me to walk to the local p.o. where the staff who are well used to me and get the job done in a timely fashion.

This afternoon, I had one of those delightful reading-and-snoozing sessions during which I was able to polish off D. H. Lawrence’s Women in Love, which I bought back in 1984 shortly after having read The Rainbow. I no longer have a copy of that novel, but I certainly want to revisit it.