Wednesday 8th September 2010

Pagans & Christians

Another parcel of books arrived today from the Folio Society. This one contained the three volume set, Pagans and Christians by Robin Lane Fox and four complimentary volumes, including The Nude by Kenneth Clark.

This afternoon, I added a second lesson to and gained a new skill in the process. I have installed contact forms on HTML and WordPress sites several times before, and when I first made the English lessons for an old website a few years ago I used a free form service. Students would answer the questions and send the answers to me. I’d then check them individually and send the corrected versions back. This afternoon I have worked out how to automate the whole process by using a WordPress contact form, adding multiple fields to it, then pointing it to a simple autoresponder on my webhost. When someone fills in the form and submits it, they receive an automated email with all the answers. Since I can run multiple forms and multiple autoresponders, I can set up one for each lesson on my site.

Next, I added the autoresponder address to an email forwarder so whenever someone submits the form I’ll receive their answers and will be able to contact them and invite them to join my mailing list.