Shakespearean Characters With The Most To Say…

Here’s a good question to slip into a pub quiz or to try out on your friends who think they are Shakespeare buffs…

Which Shakespearean character is given the most lines in any single play?

Which character has the second most lines to say, the third most, the fourth most?

Let’s be clear that I do NOT mean the sum total of lines for any character across several plays, such as Falstaff for example, who appears in several different plays, but which character has the most lines in a SINGLE play.

Most lines…?

2nd most lines…?

3rd most lines…?

4th most lines…?

The answers are hidden upside down in the middle of the gobbledygook at the foot of this blog post. Because the answers are upside down, the first answer is on the bottom of the heap.

Good luck!

David Hurley