Cressida, Isabella & Helena: Three Problematic Heroines

August 7, 2015 David Hurley 0

Shakespeare, Machiavellian Prudence and Integrity by David Hurley A Presentation for the Shakespeare & Modern Authors Society 県立広島大学 September 2015   My paper will look at how prudential considerations place pressure upon the apparent integrity of various characters and the responsive strategies which those characters – and Shakespeare in his representation [Read more…]

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Fratricide in Hamlet: A Machiavellian Perspective

September 1, 2014 David Hurley 0

What follows are some ad hoc notes towards a 30-minute presentation I am to give to the Shakespeare and Contemporary Authors Society Annual Conference at the Kenritsu Hiroshima Daigaku on 6th September to an audience of Japanese professors and lecturers of English literature. The presentation will be given in English. [Read more…]

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Shakespeare’s Sonnet #4, Read by David Hurley

July 31, 2012 David Hurley 0

IV. Unthrifty loveliness why dost thou spend Upon thy self thy beauty’s legacy? Nature’s bequest gives nothing, but doth lend, And being frank she lends to those are free: Then, beauteous niggard, why dost thou abuse The bounteous largess given thee to give? Profitless usurer, why dost thou use So [Read more…]

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Shakespeare’s Sonnet #1, Read by David Hurley

July 21, 2012 David Hurley 0

I. From fairest creatures we desire increase, That thereby beauty’s rose might never die, But as the riper should by time decease, His tender heir might bear his memory: But thou contracted to thine own bright eyes, Feed’st thy light’s flame with self-substantial fuel, Making a famine where abundance lies, [Read more…]