Was It The Carp That Caused The Crash?

Jaime and Nobu came over to David’s place for a quiet afternoon’s mj last Tuesday, right in the middle of the Golden Week holidays.

The first game was a relatively quiet affair. Nobu went out on “Ron” on a 3-Coin, 6-Coin wait not noticing (a) that he was waiting for the 3-Coins and (b) that that tile was sitting in his discard row.

David finished the only winner of that game, on a modest +17.

The second game proved disastrous for Nobu though, perhaps because just before Mrs H took Miss H to the park, DH asked her to switch channel from the cartoon network that had absorbed Miss H for much of the afternoon, to the baseball, more particularly the game between the Hiroshima Carp and… and… well I forgot who it was. Nobu had been checking the progress of the game on his mobile phone from time to time, but I guess having the game live on t.v. must have distracted him from the mahjong game as he gave away 82,000 points to Jaime.

David also conceded a bit of ground, even more modest than the ground he gained in the first game, so the recent good form of the foreign Old Guard continues (for the time being)…

Jaime -5, +93 = +88
David +17, -11 = +6
Nobu -12,* -82 = -94

* Chombo