Japanese Riichi Mahjong Tournament To Be Held In Britain, 22nd August 2009.

What is believed to be the first Japanese Riichi Mahjong Tournament ever to be staged in the UK will be taking place on August 22nd, 2009, at the Guildford Golf Club in Surrey, England.

The organisers, Ian Fraser and Peter Langford participated in the European Riichi Mahjong Championship in Hanover, 2008 and promptly decided that they shouldn’t keep that much fun all to themselves.

Thus was born the grandly titled UK Invitational Tournament, hopefully to be followed in 2010 by the UK Open! The field looks set for the growth of Japanese mahjong in Britain…

For most of the participants this will be their first mahjong tournament. The early indications are that there will be at least 24 players including a handful of invited participants from mainland Europe.

The field so far is composed of both some relative newcomers to the game as well as some long standing players who have had their own social game running for well nigh 30 years, since one of the group returned from having spent a couple of years living in Tokyo.

If you want to find out more about the event contact Peter Langford or Ian Fraser, or visit www.mahjongnews.com for a quick rundown.