Tight At The Top…

The situation remains very tight indeed at the top of this year’s 3-Player Mahjong table.

Two weeks ago Hide enjoyed a big win in the final game of the session, largely at Noda’s expense, which was a good enough result for him to come top for the evening, overtake Noda and get into second place on the Grand Accumulated Results Table for the year.

David finished the evening “second and in the black” which secured his position at the top of the table for the time being.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the table, Nobu tweaked the bottom record with -15, while Jaime continued to move closer to Nobu by finishing in the red again.

Results, 16th October 2009:

Hide –, -10, +122 = +112
David –, +30, +11 = +41
Nobu +9, –, -24 = -15
Jaime -42, -5, — = -47
Noda +33, -15, -109 = -91
That result left the situation at the top of the table like this:

David +292
Hide +228
Noda +156However, in last night’s game, which was between David, Noda and Jaime, Noda came top in three games out of four and ended the evening on +98.

Jaime was chief sufferer in the first three games, starting off the night with a Yakitori on the table.

David held his own until the fourth game, and ended the evening as Jaime had started it with his Yakitori tile still stuck on the table.

Noda +29, +35, -5, +39 = +98
David +5, -8, +22, -48* = -29
Jaime -34,* -27,** -17, +9 = -69

* Yakitori
** Chombo

So now the situation at the top of the table looks like this:
David +263
Noda +254
Hide +228

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