Has Nobu Found His Bottom?

Two weeks ago Nobu achieved his first positive result for 2010 by finishing on +1 for the evening. The result was achieved by finishing “second-and-in-the-black” in the first and third games.

There was a moment in the opening game when the gap between Nobu and Jaime narrowed to fewer than fifty points as Jaime found himself in the middle of yet another “opening game disaster” complete with a Yakitori grilled and served on his plate at the end of the game.

Apart from Nobu’s first game result, the first two games were a one-way street for David, who began to harbour hopes of knocking Noda off the top spot again.

Indeed, Noda did the honours in that regard in the third and final game of the evening, but the loot flowed Jaime’s way as he made his customary “end of evening recovery” to get back from -81 to -25 for the evening and keep some space between himself and Nobu.

So, Noda stays on top (just)… but the question is, has Nobu found his bottom? If so, will he be able to get out of it?

David +54, +49, -12 = +91
Nobu +13, -22, +10 = +1
Jaime -64,* -17, +56 = -25

Noda -3, -10, -54 = -67

* Yakitori

David H.