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The Wolf And The Lamb Shall Graze Together…

April 16, 2010 David Hurley 0

On Friday 2nd April we were able to have two mahjong tables in action at Kodama mahjong parlour with seven people playing. Noda, David and Jaime were joined by Kenyon, who made his 2010 debut. Tonight was also Ladies Night, with Hatsue-san and Aimi-san in attendance. The seventh player was Nobu who [Read more…]

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Two Ladies Join The Lists

February 26, 2010 David Hurley 1

On Friday afternoons I play mahjong with two Japanese ladies, one of whom was a complete beginner a few months ago. Mahjong has replaced English conversation, except inasmuch as I offer advice and game analysis in English. We play 4-player Riichi-style, but with elements of 3-player Mahjong thrown in. For [Read more…]

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Has Nobu Found His Bottom?

February 26, 2010 David Hurley 0

Two weeks ago Nobu achieved his first positive result for 2010 by finishing on +1 for the evening. The result was achieved by finishing “second-and-in-the-black” in the first and third games. There was a moment in the opening game when the gap between Nobu and Jaime narrowed to fewer than [Read more…]

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Friday 20th April: David Back On Top

April 30, 2007 David Hurley 0

This was a long sesson at Kodama that can be divided into two distinct though unequal halves. The early, shorter, half was dominated by Noda and the longer and later half was dominated by David. David arrived in time for the second game at a point in the evening when [Read more…]

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A Letter From America!

April 6, 2007 David Hurley 1

I received the following message from one of the few other gaijin 3pmj players in Japan, someone who picked up the game in Okayama. We had plans to get together and play some games but they never came to fruition… Over to Neil P: Hey David, Don’t know if you [Read more…]