A Letter From America!

I received the following message from one of the few other gaijin 3pmj players in Japan, someone who picked up the game in Okayama. We had plans to get together and play some games but they never came to fruition…

Over to Neil P:

Hey David,

Don’t know if you remember me – was the guy in Okayama who played 3PMJ as

I’m back in the states working for a Japanese Automotive company, so get
to play a little bit of Mahjong but they all play 4 player (much less
exciting, tougher to get high scoring hands). Regardless, I’ve still
managed to do pretty well for the “gaijin” in the group, but am attempting
to teach friends 3 player to really get the action rolling.

Looks like you guys are still going strong. I’m envious and hope to
eventually come and play a couple of rounds 🙂



Thanks Neil, good to hear from you. Good luck with the 3-player game against Japanese (“gaijin”??) opposition in America!

David Hurley

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  1. Yep, that’s me!

    I’ve got two groups going here in Columbus, OH.

    One is playing with my Japanese co-workers, but they play 4 player. Little tougher, couple more rules and possible hands.

    I’m also teaching a couple of my friends Japanese 3 player mahjong, and hoping to get a similar weekly group and scoreboard up!

    If I have questions regarding hands and things that I don’t know the answer to I’ll post them to you.

    Later, Neil

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