Apologies For The Silence!

Things have been a bit hectic recently so the Cock’s Eye blog has been sadly neglected.

We played four games since I last reported, and I also played a couple of games at Dr M’s…

The key point that I can remember is that Noda’s advance was reversed by David and Jaime on 13th June and has not broken new ground since then…

At the other end of the table, Nobu is improving, but not yet advancing…

Hide’s younger brother, Kiyo, has come back onto the scene. He’s playing against Noda and Jaime while his chum looks on in the photo, above.

David made his best hand of the year, courtesy of an early Jaime discard… 48,000 points. Thank you very much.

We did not play for a couple of weeks, but on Friday 18th July every single one of us was out – eight players in all, two tables of four, so a record showing for the year, as if to reaffirm that, although the competition may be all over bar the shouting, the Hiroshima Cock’s-eye Mahjong Club is thriving!

A report follows just as soon as I get the full results from Jaime… I promise!

David Hurley

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  1. “the Hiroshima Cock’s-eye Mahjong Club is thriving!”
    Words I had not expected to read slapped me in the face with their potency. A former ABC listener curious as to what Mr. David is up to now. I think my cat just died.

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