Day Trip to Mihara

Title: Day Trip to Mihara
Location: Hiroshima Prefecture
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Description: A day trip to Mihara to visit Tim Buthod, go to a festival and various izakaya and bars…
Date: 2012-05-26

The bullet train station at Mihara is built on the ruins of Mihara castle.

Mihara Shinkansen Station was built on the site of Mihara Castle.

On our way to the festival we stopped at a “Football Mini Museum.”

Mini Football Museum

The festival was held at a convention hall or something, close to the bullet train tracks, with festival stalls running along the road beside the elevated track.

There was a bonzai exhibition in the convention hall.

We spent the rest of the day going from hostelry to hostelry. Here we are on the way from one to another. Mihara was an Imperial Japanese Navy base, hence, I suppose, the anchor. Today the centre of the town is pretty unprepossessing.

Me, Jaime, Jay, Tim, Hiroka, Alex

A little further along in our travels…

Jaime, me, Jay, Tim, Haruka

We stopped for another bite to eat at Tim’s favourite izakaya.

A trip to Mihara would not be complete without at least one dish of Mihara octopus.

A dish of Mihara octopus sashima.

On the way to our last stop for the evening, close to the station, I stopped to take one more photo…