Mahjong in Japan: A Personal Experience

February 26, 2020 David Hurley 2

This article about my experience of mahjong in Japan was first published on a now defunct blog back in 2001. From quite early on in my life I had wanted to learn to play mahjong. The teeming variety and exotic charm of the tiles fascinated me. When I accepted a [Read more…]

Tengu: Japan’s Long-Nosed Demon-God

November 8, 2015 David Hurley 0

Tengu are mythical Japanese demon-gods (yokei) who live in remote forests and mountains of Japan. A typical Tengu has a red face with a long, somewhat obscene red nose. Tengu usually have bushy eyebrows and beards as well. The characters that make up the work Tengu mean “heaven” + “dog” [Read more…]

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Day Trip to Mihara

June 11, 2012 David Hurley 0

Title: Day Trip to Mihara Location: Hiroshima Prefecture Link out: Click here Description: A day trip to Mihara to visit Tim Buthod, go to a festival and various izakaya and bars… Date: 2012-05-26 The bullet train station at Mihara is built on the ruins of Mihara castle. On our way [Read more…]

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Kyushu Holiday Photos

August 26, 2011 David Hurley 4

We had a fine time of it in Kagoshima and Miyazaki. Here are some photos of our holiday. The first three were taken by Neil… sadly the rest, which I was hosting on Blue Melon, were lost when I failed to back them up and forgot to renew the subscription… [Read more…]

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Kagoshima, Here We Come!

July 14, 2011 David Hurley 1

Yippee! We are off to Kagoshima and Miyazaki for our summer holidays in the second half of August! It will be our second visit to southern Kyushu in two years. Last summer we flew to Miyazaki from the good old Hiroshima Kannon airport, conveniently located in the south of Hiroshima [Read more…]

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Kyogen: Classical Japanese Comic Theatre

September 15, 2010 David Hurley 2

A few months ago I was struck by the paucity of theatrical productions in Hiroshima and berated a few of my students on the matter. The pat answer was invariably “Ah, Japanese are very shy.” My protests don’t seem to have had much effect on the recreational habits of the million or so “shy” Hiroshimites, but they did land me a handful of free tickets for a kyogen performance on the noh stage at Aster Plaza towards the end of March.

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Osaka to Shanghai, September 1991

September 12, 2010 David Hurley 0

This is the first of three articles I wrote for the Hiroshima Signpost magazine about my overland journey from Hiroshima to Berlin in September 1991. In this article, I leave Japan by ferry from Osaka and arrive in Shanghai three days later.