All Human Evil Comes From This…

February 7, 2006 David Hurley 0

Saturday afternoon in Hiroshima. Old Ardle and I lounge in the BFCafe over coffee and a game of Go. Ardle has decided to play with unaccustomed celerity while discussing, among other things, equestrian matters. Firstly, OA climbed upon one of his hobby horses (a silly filly called “Do You Know [Read more…]

Bogstop Lapse – No. 1.

February 4, 2006 David Hurley 2

I met old Ardle for lunch on Monday. We went to one of the Italian joints on Namiki Dori where, in Ardle’s own words, he is “known”. Known for what may be another matter. He spent most of lunchtime chatting up the waitress who used to be one of his [Read more…]

Not Marching in the Field of Trasimene

January 28, 2006 David Hurley 2

I had a curry lunch with my old chum Flaminius Titus Ardlus Waddicus who had a Unique Glow about him. Ardle, as he is known to his friends, breezed into the restaurant plugged into his iPod and dressed in a brown Uniclo jacket, beige Uniclo hooded top, beige Uniclo baseball [Read more…]

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The First 3 Games of the Year

January 24, 2006 David Hurley 0

Due to the exigencies of this toilsome life and its importunate and burdensome responsibilities the first three 3-Player Mahjong games of the year have gone, until now, unreported, which is a thing of no moment in and of itself, but which nevertheless does no honour to a weblog such as [Read more…]