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Parkside Hotel All Over Again!

March 4, 2006 David Hurley 0

Parkside Hotel – scene of the last act of the Ash Wednesday Supper – glimmered and glowered at the Poor Little Still-Feeling-Rather-Delicate Cypriot as he disappeared into the Kodama mahjong parlour just across the road. With the Poor Little Cypriot officially off the sauce the only imbiber at the table tonight [Read more…]

An Ash Wednesday Supper

March 3, 2006 David Hurley 1

There were only three players in the mahjong parlour Friday evening, Noda, David and Ray. Mama was complaining about the unpredictability of business these days. Mind you, all three of us ordered grub and Noda and David drank their way through the evening so she did ok out of us. [Read more…]