Friday 12th May: The Universe is Contracting!

While I was away Noda, Jaime and Kenyon played a game of mahjong which Jaime described over on this page of his blog.

Those three met up again on 12th May and David joined them in time for the second game.

There were once again two Chombos committed during the course of the evening. I forget what Jaime’s was, but Kenyon’s was one of undue haste. David took a tile from the wall. Then Kenyon took a tile and threw a tile without waiting for David – so David claimed a Chombo and third player agreed!

However, Kenyon had racked up such a huge total in his first two games, being the only winner in both of them, that he was pretty immune to misfortune for the rest of the evening. He ended every one of the next five games in negative territory, yet still finished top dog for the night! That achievement enabled him to vault over Ray and close on the two occasional players, Eri and Tim… He is now just one point behind.

Meanwhile, at the top of the table, Noda shed points in all three of the games that he played, so the universe contracted by about 25% as top and bottom headed back towards the centre…

At one point Jaime felt himself plummeting towards the bottom but managed to arrest his descent so effectively as once more to catapult himself upwards and back into the black…

David was treading water, but got waterlogged and then sank in the last game…

Kenyon +95, +70, -38, -23, -10, -6, -14 = +74

Jaime -46, -25, -29, +31, +18, +30, +69 = +48

Noda -49, -4, -2, –, –, –, –, = -55

David –, -41, +69, -8, -8, -24, -55 = -67