Friday 5th January 2007: New Year Kicks Off with a Close Game

After the now customary holiday repast at Hondori Saizeriya with Tim, the regular gaijin members of the Cock’s Eye MJ Club headed to their preferred mahjong parlour, Koto, for the first session of mahjong of the Year of the Boar.

Tonight’s game was a close one with each player enjoying a spell, or spells, of success. Kenyon took the first game as the only winner, but was the only loser of the second, which marked the high point of David’s evening. Kenyon replied with two wins but the last laugh was Jaime’s as he came from behind to take the fifth and final game with the biggest win of the night which left David with his Yakitori on the table and put Jame top as the only winner for the evening.

The session broke up at 11pm after five hours of play so David was able to catch the tram home and chalk up a “victory” for his wallet despite being the only player drinking at the Jansou and therefore chalking up a larger bill than the other players!

Jaime -11, +8, -27, -7, +72 = +35
David -20, +49, +3, -13, -26* = -7
Kenyon +31, -57, +24, +20, -46 = -28

David Hurley

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