Friday 29th September: Gaijin Win – David Back in the Black…

A refreshing change to the proceedings tonight as Noda stumbled and bumbled in the first two games of the evening, setting up David and Jaime for a profitable evening. In the second game Noda gave away the 8Coins to Jaime twice in a row…

Kenyon joined us for the third game and the dynamics of play shifted back in Noda’s favour mainly at Kenyon’s expense. The game finished at 11:10pm so David bailed out in order to catch the tram home while ahead of the game. The evening’s result saw David creep back into the black and as play stood when he left it looked as if he might steal second place in the “Grand Accumulated Results Table”

Hide took David’s place for the last game of the evening in which Kenyon staged a come-back to preserve his position in second place and in the black in the Table. Noda recorded his first significant loss for some considerable time but his place at the top of the table remains secure at the end of the third quarter…

David +30, +13, +2, — = +45
Jaime +5, +51, -14, 0 = +42
Kenyon –, –, -68, +79 = +11
Hide –, –, –, -21 = -21
Noda -35, -64, +80, -58 = -77

David Hurley

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  1. That doesn’t include the two games that got played after you guys left. Perchance those best not be recorded.

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