Friday 21st July: Double Kokushimusou Whammy!

The Poor Little Cypriot were robbed! Just two tiles did it. Two nice Tempai hands but both times he drew and discarded the 1-Characters. Both times the result was a disaster! The first was in the second game when Noda, as Oya took 48,000 off the PLC. The second was in the last game when Kenyon took 32,000 off him. Two tiles and 80,000 points! Bang went the start of the July revival…

The Cockseye Mahjong Universe is expanding once again. Jaime had a catastrophic evening and hit the bottom. Noda disappeared ever upwards, accelerating away from the pack, including the only other ascendant player, Kenyon, whose “run at Noda” despite his “natural luck” is “getting nowhere fast.”

As for the descenders Jaime, who is plummeting, and David, who is sinking, seem like latter day Anthonys to those two Caesars, Noda and Kenyon… As the Soothsayer said to Anthony:

If thou dost play with him at any game,
Thou are sure to lose; and, of that natural luck,
He beats thee ‘gainst the odds:

We commenced play at 7pm. Noda joined us shortly after 8pm and left around midnight.

Only one other table was in action tonight. One of the players at that table really ought to have gone straight from work to bed as he kept up a barrage of excruciatingly tiresome and ear-penetrating yawns for much of the evening…

Noda –, +23, +123, -3, +50 = +147
Kenyon -26, +34, +91,+72, -15, -272, +53 = +100
David +22, -11, -483, 0, +8, -5, -334 = -67
Jaime +4, 0, -84, -69, -43, +32, -20 = -180

1 Chombo: Kenyon declared Riichi on an open hand and several tiles were played before anybody noticed…
2 Yakitori.
3 David gave Noda (the Oya) Kokushimusou.
4 David gave Kenyon Kokushimusou.

David Hurley

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