Friday 18th August: It Was the Grappa Wot Done It!

After a long drawn out podcasting session at Ardle Towers I charged into town to join Tim, Jaime and Kenyon at the new Saizaria in the basement beneath the AU shop on the Hondori. Due to the time it had taken us to get just one podcast completed I was running almost two hours behind schedule… However, the lads were still there when I arrived.

Jaime and Kenyon headed off to join mahjong at Kodama but I stayed on at Saizaria with Tim… We sat and chatted through several disturbances caused by the faulty fire alarm which one of the waiters muffled with a towel for about twenty minutes. Tim did pop out to check that there actually was no fire…

By that stage the cleansing beer for starters had been followed by a couple of carafes of red wine. Then we noticed that they had grappa on the menu. Now, I usually steer well clear of grappa but the very fact that Saizaria had it on its menu seemed worth celebrating…

All I can say is that I can still feel the effects twelve hours later!

By the time I arrived at Kodama the other three were on their fourth game. I spent most of the fifth game singing into my cups and giving away the most dangerous tile (preferably a “Red Five” whenever possible). The results can be seen on the score sheet…

It appears from the score sheet that five games were played after Noda left Kodama on +14. I don’t remember too many of the details. It seems that The Poor Little Cypriot was not bottom in every game. There was something of a revival in the last two games, if you can call a score of zero a revival. There was an Oya run but then Kenyon staged a last Oya stand and replenished his empty tray.

We called it a night at 4am, by which time Jaime and Kenyon had spent over nine hours at the table!

Kenyon -56, +19, +3, -19, +64, +23, +20, -3, +17, -14 = +54
Jaime +38, -21, +21, +1, -1, -10, -16, +35,1 -17, -14 = +16
Noda +18, +2, -24, +18, 0, –, –, –, –, — = +14
David (beer), (wine), (wine), (grappa), -63,** -13, -4, -32, 0, +28 = -84

1 Chombo. Somehow or other, Jaime managed to collect too many tiles after discarding a Dora…

David Hurley


  1. Jaime,

    You were right in that I didn’t break 200. But I was right in that I was dang close. 54-48-227=-221. My score is now -29. Which meant I would’ve been on 192. Not quite 200 but not far from it.

  2. Somehow or another…I conclude that the continued intake of alcohol starting at 5pm may have had some affect on by ability to count coherently….

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