Summer Course: Children’s Books In English

June 4, 2022 David Hurley 0

During the summer vacation I will teach a series of two-hour classes on the theme of children’s books. The classes will run from 2pm to 4pm on Tuesday afternoons commencing Tuesday 26th July at Okeiko House, Nishi Hiroshima: Fee: ¥2,000 per class. Schedule 26th July 2nd August 16th August [Read more…]

Playing English Karuta, Okeiko House, October 2014

English Cafe: Let’s Go Karuta & Storytelling Game

October 18, 2014 David Hurley 0

Here we are at Okeiko House in the middle of a Tuesday morning “Eikaiwa Cafe” class. (Eikaiwa = 英会話  = English Conversation.) We are playing a game of karuta using a deck of English vocabulary cards from the excellent “Let’s Go” children’s English study series. The class began with rotating-pair conversations around the [Read more…]

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Raku Raku Eigo 4: Venus & Adonis with Hanazake…

June 5, 2014 David Hurley 0

On Tuesday 27th May we held our fourth Raku Raku Eigo session at Kotobukiya, Rakurakuen. It was the best attended event so far, with English-language students from three community centres (Ajina-dai, Koi-ue and Suzugamine) and two guests from the USA, Megan and Michelle, who are studying at Jogakuin Women’s College [Read more…]

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Raku Raku Eigo 3: Talking Mainly About Beer

April 28, 2014 David Hurley 0

The third Rakuraku Eigo event took place at Kotobukya, Rakurakuen on Tuesday 22nd April, 2:40pm-5pm. Four members of the Ajina-dai Community Centre Thursday morning English conversation class and one member of the Koi-Ue Community Centre Saturday morning English conversation class were present. Mr Amano, of Koi-Ue Community Centre started the [Read more…]

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Talking About Books at the First Rakuraku Eigo Event…

October 10, 2013 David Hurley 0

The first Rakuraku Eigo event at イタリア料理バッカ (Italian Ryouri Bakka) on Tuesday 8th October from 3pm to 4:30pm. We chatted about various books over coffee and dessert. I began by talking about Westward Ho! by Charles Kingsley, a historical novel set in Elizabethan times. It would be a difficult book [Read more…]