Peter Rabbit Radish Board Game Is A Hit!

When I was on holiday in England with my daughter a few years ago, we found the Peter Rabbit Radish Board Game in a National Trust shop and had a lot of fun playing it.

I introduced the game to my pre-schoolers class at Okeiko House last month and it proved to be very popular with the kids and fun for their mother as well, so we played it again this week. 🙂


The aim of the game

Try to be the first rabbit to run around Mr Mcgregor’s garden and collect beans, carrots, lettuces and radishes.

Beware of Mr McGregor! If he catches you, you lose your vegetables and have to go back to the start.

You can hide in the middle of the garden as Mr McGregor does not go there.

When you have collected all the vegetables, run out of the garden to win the game!