Actors Rehearsing The Merry Wives Of Windsor Boost Cow Milk Production

Falstaff in the laundry basket

According to the Daily Telegraph, a group of actors Changling Theatre have been rehearsing scenes from William Shakespeare’s comedy, The Merry Wives of Windsor, in front of a herd of cows and the rehearsals have not only improved the actors’ grasp of the play but it has also increased milk production in the bovine audience by 4%.

“We selected scenes from the play we felt to be lyrical and relaxing,”said Rob Forknall, the group’s artistic director.

“It started off as a rather a bizarre experiment after I was talking to a farmer about whether Shakespeare would have the same effect on cows as classical music.

“We were all slightly surprised when it did. Since then we’ve done several rehearsals with the cows. It saves us having to book rehearsal space and the farmer’s very pleased to get more milk.”

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David Hurley