Wake Up Your Body with Lemons-Lemon!

Inside this little bottle is one mighty potent pick-me-up!

It contains 1000mg of vitamin C, 2000mg of “natural citric acid”, and a lemon vinegar base made from Sicilian lemons which, the blurb assures us, gives it a refreshing taste despite the vinegar!

The label on the bottle claims that the drink has s 30% fruit content.

Lemons-Lemon is one of a range of beverages produced by Otuska Beverage Company. It hit the shops in March of last year, I believe, but I discovered it just the other Saturday. It was lurking in a vending machine at a community centre up in the hills above west Hiroshima where I was about to start a new contract teaching a Saturday morning conversation class…

…a saturday morning conversation class???

…after a Friday night in the mahjong parlour!!

Are you nuts?

Well, sir, nuts or not, the potent content of this little bottle is just what I need to get me through ninety minutes of “So, what have you been doing recently…?” on a Saturday morning.

Indeed, I heartily commend it to anybody who wants to large it up at night but has to work the following morning.

Lemons-Lemon will wake up your body at any time of day or night!

Highly recommended.

David Hurley