Monday 8th October: Health & Sports Day Mahjong

In 1966 a national Health and Sports Day holiday was established on 10th October to commemorate the Tokyo Olympics of 1964. Then, in 2,000, several national holidays were moved to Monday to give the working masses several three-day weekends to enjoy during the course of the year. So now Health and Sports Day is fixed on the second Monday of October.

So this year’s holiday fell on Monday 8th October. I celebrated with a healthy and athletic game of mahjong which began at four in the afternoon and went on until ten-thirty in the evening, so we played for about two and a half hours longer than usual and fitted four games into the session.

It was not a one-man-show this time. However, the senior doctor still ended up top, with David second-and-in-the-black, Dr M jr third and in the red, and Mrs M bringing up the rear.

Mrs M started brightly, taking the winning tile of Dr M sr in the first hand.

The perception was that David was doing well as his side of the table was quite active, but it was only in the third game, which he won outright, that his score moved into positive territory.
At one stage Dr M jr’s tray was empty. Dr M sr won the final game to claim the top spot.

So that covers the sporting side of the day. Now a word about health.

Our snacks were supplemented by some healthy rice balls – I chose the salmon-stuffed rice ball, and the “nori” seeweed wrapper is also very good for the health, so I hear. The sandwiches were very good, packed with meat, vegetables and egg. Peanuts were consumed for energy and the palate refreshed with cheese and biscuits.

Despite playing for an extra two hours (very good stamina training), David only went through about six beers.

Thus we were able to do our bit for both the healthy and the sporty side of Health and Sports Day, to our mutual satisfaction.

David Hurley