His Leaf Also Shall Not Wither…

On Friday 24th October Noda, David, Jaime were joined by Kenyon, who hadn’t been around for a while.

Kenyon promptly won the first game on a healthy +67 and went out with Suuanko in one of the early hands, but it turned out to be no more than a subsidy for the rest of his evening!

Each of the other players then took it in turns to finish top, first David, who also went out on a Suuanko hand, then Jaime, then Noda, whose fourth game +72 put him on +5 for the night.

After Noda had left, David strung together a winning streak of three games on the trot, a relatively unusual occurrence late on a Friday night these days. His seat was as a tree planted by a river; bringing forth fruit in due season, and his leaf withered not.

As for Kenyon, it was not so with him. He was like chaff which the Winds scattered from the face of the table. It was he who most keenly felt the injustice of being robbed on Tempai, or proto-Tempai, or even pre-proto-Tempai.

David -49, +66, +2, -24, +26, +57, +32 = +115
Noda -20, -11, -36, +72, –, –, — = +5
Jaime 0, -25, +50, -5, -3, +7, -22 = -18
Kenyon +69, -30, -16, -43, -23, -64, -10 = -97