Friday 1st June: Noda Commits a Chombo & Charges On (Assisted By David)

Having gone without lunch, David was perfectly happy to receive a message from Kenyon that he was stuck on a bus in a traffic jam caused by the Toukasan festival as that gave him time to chomp his way through Kodama Mama-san’s ample serving of yakimeshi without having to concentrate on the flow of the game and keep his hand in order at the same time.

There were three players for the early part of the evening, Noda, David and Kenyon, while Hide came along with his missus a bit later on.

I don’t have the score sheet to hand as I write this but I can remember all too well how the evening panned out…

Noda won a lot. Hide ended up on zero. Kenyon lost quite a little. David lost quite a lot.

There was one moment of fumble-bumble on Kenyon’s part which led to a unique form of Chombo by a somewhat aggrieved Noda. Kenyon reached over to take a tile from the wall on the other side of the table and dropped it as he brought it towards his wall. It crashed the end of his discard pile and propelled the 9-Bamboo into the tiles in his hand. When Kenyon had sorted everything out he replaced the 9-Bamboo at the beginning of his discard pile. The whole episode had been observed by both David and Hide with some mild amusement, which turned to bemusement and then hilarity when Noda looked up from a deep contemplation of his hand. Seeing the 9-Bamboo appear on the table, and oblivious to what had been going on, he declared a rather reluctant “Ron!”and showed his hand!

Poor old Noda’s nose was put out of joint by the universal declaration of “Chombo!” He argued for a while that it was really Kenyon’s fault and that that sort of thing would be construed as tricky play in less salubrious company. But there was little choice but to pay up. It put paid to whatever hand it was that Noda had and also had the effect of subduing the Noda charge for a while – it was the only game he finished in negative territory for the evening.

However, that was not the most foolish action of the evening because David had yet to make his contribution. With Noda showing two sets of open Dragons within the first five discards of the hand, David rather blithely decided to chuck out a Chun (Red Dragon) to achieve Tenpai. He was aware of Noda’s Dragons but claims that his inhibitions had been removed by the intake of booze and the fact that he was the Oya and – what the heck – it was only the fifth discard into the hand, dammit. He had overlooked the fact that while it was indeed “only” the fifth discard into a hand in which Noda was showing two sets of Dragons while enjoying a spring roll – I mean a springtime recovery of form.

Ron! – Daisangen! Yakuman, 32,000 points please!

It was a foolish throw anyway, since if Noda had claimed the Chun by going Pon David would have been liable to pay the whole fine to Noda no matter how and off whom he had gone out.

At some stage in the evening Kenyon completed Kokushimusou on Tsumo.

David got stuck with his Yakitori in the fourth game and only managed to finish ahead in the sixth and ninth games.

Noda wandered off home at about 1am and the other three played on until about 3am, some considerable time after Hide’s missus had fallen asleep on Mama’s sofa.By the end of the evening Noda and David had changed places on the Grand Accumulated Points Chart and it is only Tsuyoshi-san’s victory on the one evening he played that stands between Noda and the top-spot…===
Saturday 9th June
Here is the score sheet:
Noda +29, +18, +2, +55, -6, +18, –, –, — = +116
Hide –, –, +38. -39, 0, -26, -10, +47, -10 = 0
Kenyon -12, -6, -1, +26, +23, -40, +31, -20, -19 = -18,
David -17, -12, -39, -42,* -17, +48, -21, -27, +29 = -98

David Hurley

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