Hurl & Boff Summer Tour, 1982, Part 3: Nothing Happens In Amboise

Wednesday 21st July 1982

Our first day of “hitchhiking” turns into a three mile walk along the Loire to Amboise in the midday sun, with Boff telling me that he had a feeling that “something” would happen. It was somehow connected to the fact that he had been there before.

The hitchhiking began outside the campsite at about 11:30. Nothing happened for ages so we had some wine at the local bar and walked the three miles into Amboise. We slump at a table longing for a cool lager and slowly shrivel in the heat for 3/4 of an hour before being able to thus refresh ourselves. The trouble with lager is that once it is no longer cool it tastes revolting. The trouble with France is that lager is all they can manage (excluding the wine).

Went to the house where Leonardo da Vinci lived his last days. It has been preserved – or restored – and turned into a museum, with models of his various inventions on display.

Patrick had trouble with the attendant – trying to understand each other, but a couple of young Germans intervened. Marcos and Isabella – friendly chaps who stay with us for the visit. But much was missed, for the very nice guide only spoke French, and translated sheets gave only a very superficial indication of what was what.

We decided to camp in Amboise – as it turned out at the same site as the Germans. Boff was certain that “something will happen in Amboise.” It could have been with the girls in a nearby tent – for Boff made a very obvious d-tour past them to get some water. Was about to tip it over me when the girls screamed – warning me – I turned in time to soak Boff as well. But nothing at all happened – missed out also on Renaissance festivities.

Here is a rather lengthy French video of the Château d’Amboise and the Clos Lucé Mansion, “the house where Leonardo da Vinci lived his last days.” The Clos Lucé section starts around 6 minutes 21 seconds.