On the Late Proceedings in France

“I will not give you reason to imagine, that I think my sentiments of such value as to wish myself to be solicited about them. They are of too little consequence to be very anxiously either communicated or withheld.”

“He said: a cornered dish without corners; what sort of a cornered dish is that?”

“Fake” has become itself a little bit,
Now that every fakir is using it,
Well, let’s face it, fake; What is truth when fake
Flakes into fakery? Fake Paynims make
War on free speech – fundamentalists! Peace
Is what we take, nor fake it, nor cease
Till we have taken it of every one;
Without which, the scene is very humdrum,
And run by freaks in old style hats and coats
Who police offense at each other’s throats
As Mary Whitehouse walks abroad again
The guardian of the weak from freedom’s bain.
Then let us mock the paynim and the pope,
The dunce, the don, fake liberals and false hope.

Patrick Forse