Sigma Chess Rocks

Last week I was introduced to the joys and tribulations of the Sigma Chess programme and have been playing it on and off ever since.

The software has a built in ranking system which operates when you choose to play a “New Rated Game”.

To win one of those games you cannot take back any moves, which is fair enough. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to commit the most awful blunders in the middle of some nice complex development; I mean real howlers like not noticing that I am moving something valuable to an unprotected position where it can be knobbled at a stroke thereby turning the game – the sort of ghastly oversight that I committed at Dr M’s a fortnight ago… 🙁

Sigma starts you off as an Amateur (Class D) on 1200 points.  I managed to preserve that status for a while by winning my first game, but facile moves have brought me down to the non-league level, though a well earned victory tonight sees my trend line pointing back in the right direction…