Gaming with LEGO®

Eileen-chan has become keen on LEGO®. This is to be encouraged as LEGO® offers excellent scope for gamers. I am especially keen on the Kingdoms series and have dreams of building a large scale LEGO® campaign game loosely based on the Crusades, and drawing inspiration from the Microsoft Age of Empires game for the strategy side and an amalgam of H. G. Wells‘ “Little Wars” and more modern wargaming rules, simplified to allow gaming with LEGO® bricks to retain its playful quality…

I suspected that I might not be the only bloke to have seen the wargaming potential of LEGO®. While I might be the only Dad around who is planning to corrupt his daughter in this manner, a quick bit of research on Google quickly revealed that I wasn’t the only bloke to be fantasizing wargaming with LEGO®. I had uncovered an online “community” of LEGO® gamers complete with sets of rules (Brick Wars, Brick Battles, BOW), and a small but thriving LEGO®Minifig customization industry ready to turn out World War II or Medieval customized figures for your games, complete with equipment. (“Minifigs” are the little plastic figures that populate the Lego world.) Others are busy working out how to build models of World War II AFVs out of LEGO® bricks and have achieved some pretty good results.

II Augsta Legion, 3rd Cohort, 2nd Maniple, 1st Century
Minifig Romans

Lego Panzers