Ardle v Hurtler: Early Knight Exchange. Old Fort Empty. No Sour Grapes.

White to move...

This is the state of play after several hours of idle chat that took us on a ramble through several centuries of European literature, with a nod to the Confucian Analects and a bottle of Montepulciano D’Abruzzo from the Casale Vecchio, which is to say, being translated, an antique fort, full at the commencement of hostilities and empty in the middle, a situation that amply describes Ardle’s middle-diddle game, which was full of gammon at the beginning, with its P-K4 and Kt-KN3, but things fell apart, the centre could not hold and he concluded the day with Q-KN5.

I played my move after he left, declining the queen exchange and moving the queen from KB3 to KB1.

I suppose that if Ardle posts his move in the comments section, this game may gradually crawl towards a conclusion.

While we await his response, let us read about the wine that he kindly donated for the occasion. Rather good it was, smooth and with no trace of sour grapes:

David Hurley
P. S. I will warn those of you with a honed palate that this game of chess will bore you if you are looking for sophistication. 😉


  1. Naja, yes it was a very fine afternoon of twaddle, and you will be glad to know that I’ve just set up the game on my own chessboard, so expect my next move…in the next couple of days!!!! (And you are a puff and an old Tasser for not gong for the Queen sex change.

    Glad you liked the Montypython D’Abrupto.

  2. I forgot to mention that we ranged from Confucius to Lauren Child. And that anybody who hasn’t read Lauren Child is an idiot.

    Ardle gets distracted by Child.

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