Animated Highlights Of A Game Of Chess With Dr M

Here is an animated gif of my most recent game of chess with Dr. M. I am White and Dr. M. is Black.

The game began,

  1. P-Q4, Kt-QB3
  2. P-BB4, P-K4
  3. P x P, Kt x P
  4. P-K4, …

After that, I forget the exact sequence of moves that led to this situation, in which the white-square bishops have been swapped off and the pawn structure tightened up:

I was quite happy to keep my Knights in preference to Bishops due to the pawn structure.

This is how the game played out…


The decisive move was White’s P-KB4 (penultimate frame) as the black could not recapture without losing either the Bishop or the Rook.

The Bishop fell, and as Black’s time ran out, so did his options…